SHERP on the American Chopper

“It felt time to get dirty and have a little fun with my father and Michael, and the SHERP of New England ATV was perfect for that. I can’t remember the last time I’d laughed so hard.”

The Sherp ATV Proves it’s Sometimes Okay to Meet Your Heroes

In 2015 Sherp began construction on this wild unstoppable ATV, and it quickly found fans on the internet for its go-anywhere abilities. This monster two-seater isn’t exactly fast, but it won’t be held back by rocks, snow, mud, or a lake. With a Sherp you can drive as the crow flies instead of having to take pesky roads. But, it can’t be that good in real life, can it?

The hunt for Bigfoot, and Lee Mack takes on the Reasonably Fast Car

Top Gear
Series 25 Episode 2 of 6
Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris head into the Californian woods to test off-road toys and hunt for Big Foot. Rory Reid invents the sport of reverse camera racing, while Chris tests the new McLaren 720S. Lee Mack is this week’s studio guest.

Most Extreme All-Terrain Vehicles On The Planet

When Sherp sat down to design the ultimate ATV, the brief was simple. In fact, the brief was to build in simplicity. The ATV had to be easy to repair with minimal tools and have minimal electrical components to go wrong. It also needed to go absolutely anywhere, including through swamps and forest floors full of deadfall, and across the water or sand dunes.

Fleet Of Sherp ATVs Take Over Chicago As Kanye West Launches New Shoe

The Sherp ATV is one of the most intriguing vehicles on sale anywhere in the world and during the launch of the YZY QNTM shoes from Kanye West, the rapper and producer brought a fleet of Sherps to the streets of Chicago.

Videos from the launch of the sneakers show a handful of Sherp models all painted black cruising down a host of Chicago’s city streets looking utterly bizarre. We’ve seen heaps of videos of the Sherp tackling intense off-road challenges but this is one of the first times we’ve seen them being driven on public roads. Jaw-dropping doesn’t even begin to describe them.

Kanye West drives a fleet of all-black ATVs at his $14 million Wyoming ranch — take a closer look at his off-roader of choice

Sherp vehicles, the company says, are built for “extreme operational conditions” and are used by oil and rescue workers, hunters, and “thrill seekers.” They take the term “all terrain” to the next level, with the ability to climb over three-foot-tall obstacles, ascend 35-degree gradients, drive for 115 hours without refueling, and cruise across open water if need be.