The agreement exploits the synergy between SHERP, the manufacturer of unique Utility Task Amphibious Vehicles and ARGO, the worldwide leader for Amphibious Extreme Terrain Vehicles.

(Kyiv,Ukraine, November 20, 2020) — SHERP, the manufacturer of unique Utility Task Amphibious Vehicles (UTVs), designed for rough and soggy terrain, is pleased to announce the full launch of its strategic partnership with ARGO, the worldwide leader for Amphibious Extreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs). Manufacturing and supply agreement will expand current offering of Amphibious XTVs in the commercial/industrial market.

Yaroslav Prygara, CEO of SHERP International, stated, “The addition of ARGO’s dealer network, infrastructure and the strength of their entire team will enable us to provide greater service and support to our commercial customers as well as strengthen and elevate the ARGO SHERP brand across Canada and the USA”

The new ARGO SHERP co-branded commercial series will now include four new models. The ARGO SHERP Pro, ARGO SHERP Pro XT, ARGO SHERP Ark XTX and the ARGO SHERP Ark XTZ.

The new collaboration will help to bring this terrific brand to consumers who need a product for any terrain.

ARGO President and CEO, Brad Darling added, “We are very excited about how this relationship has developed and the opportunities that lie ahead for both companies. Going forward we believe this partnership will provide tremendous value to ARGO, our commercial customers, and our dealers.”

SHERP are one of a kind vehicles – suitable for absolutely any surface and climate on planet Earth. They are built for the rugged demands of commercial operators from geologists, oil workers, rescue agents to fishermen, hunters, extreme drivers and travelers.

Ultra-low pressure tires of SHERP are interconnected by a special “eco-circuit” and pumped up by the exhaust gases. Due to this technology, the wheels act as a suspension and allow the vehicle to overcome any humps, bumps, and even waters of the expedition routes.

Ease of maintenance and repairability are the cornerstone of the SHERP. The combination of simple solutions and cutting-edge technologies are the basis of the SHERP philosophy.

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