Meet the new SHERP Firefighting UTV

(Kyiv,Ukraine, July 19, 2021)
SHERP opens up a new class of firefighting vehicles with the brand new Firefighting UTV.
The new model is based on the architecture of SHERP N1200, featuring extreme durability and passability under extreme conditions. This multi-task vehicle is dedicated to serving firefighters while bushfires elimination.

Despite the number of forest fires is growing year on year, some of them still appear simply inaccessible to any transport due to extreme terrains and conditions. SHERP Firefighting UTV is aimed to change it by offering extreme passability and all necessary equipment, making it one of a kind solution for the firefighting industry.

The new SHERP Firefighting UTV embodies all technologies and capabilities of SHERP’s fame to complete missions in severe conditions, where land or aerial transport can’t. It moves on the sand, shaky grounds, and sharp edges. Able to cross swamps, peat bogs, and swim in open water. It easily overcomes steep hills and steep obstacles, maneuvers through thickets and in dense forests. And all this in conditions of poor visibility and extreme temperatures.

The new SHERP is ready for various firefighting missions. So the patented ultra-low pressure tires and wheel cooling system make the all-terrain vehicle resistant to damage and fire. Two flexible tanks with a total volume of up to 2.5 tons allow transporting retardants or pumping water from open natural sources. The rear compartment can be easily converted to transport fire brigades, cargo, or evacuate injured people. External side boxes provide quick access to tools and motor pumps.
In addition to standard equipment, SHERP Firefighting UTV is customizable according to any governmental or organizational regulations. It allows creating the right vehicle for each fire brigade and operating conditions.

All these features and characteristics of SHERP significantly reduce response times and simplify transport chains under harsh terrain and severe weather conditions. Alongside the low operating costs of $8 per hour vs. $6000/h of aerial transport, it dramatically increases the effectiveness of firefighting missions.

SHERP Firefighting UTV is already available to order from dealers or directly from the manufacturer. To learn more about the new model, as well as prices and characteristics – fill up the feedback form at sherpglobal.com.

Kyivstar telecommunications tower inspection.

We are sharing with you our cool experience with the largest telecom operator in Ukraine — Kyivstar.

Carpathian mountains, blizzard, squall wind, snow level to the waist, in some places — to the chest. And we help to conduct the telecommunications tower inspection.

In clear weather, to maintain this tower, Kyivstar employees have to carry equipment on foot or on horseback. And it takes about 5 hours. Together we did twice faster, despite the bad weather.

Breaking prejudices together. Previously, in this weather, this area was considered inaccessible to technicians.

We thank the Kyivstar team for the good experience and look forward to further cooperation!

SHERP Pro 1000 for Buffaload Recovery

The Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue team will now be able to use SHERP in extremely hostile environments for any search and rescue mission.

Team Chair, Barry Carter, said “The team is excited to have access to such a fantastic piece of kit that can only help to enhance our capabilities across the county. The region is increasingly threatened by flooding for which this vehicle is ideal. “

Changes in SHERP’s top management team

In February 2021 Yaroslav Prygara, СУЩ ща SHERP, will be leaving the company. Operational management will be handled by an internal management team under the leadership of shareholders.

“The company enters 2021 with a strong management team and ambitious plans,” commented SHERP shareholder Vladimir Shkolnik, “in the first quarter of 2021 alone we expect exponential growth of production and sales compared to 2020. Our production capacity has grown, our financial capacity is also stable. This means we are ready for a new stage of development. And the fact that four SHERP models will be featured from January 2021 in the global range of market leader ARGO’s XTV adds to our confidence in our success.