SHERP Pro 1000 for Buffaload Recovery

The Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue team will now be able to use SHERP in extremely hostile environments for any search and rescue mission.

Team Chair, Barry Carter, said “The team is excited to have access to such a fantastic piece of kit that can only help to enhance our capabilities across the county. The region is increasingly threatened by flooding for which this vehicle is ideal. “

SHERP the Ark joins the copper mines’ fleet in Chile

Our SHERP the Ark works in the copper mines in Chile.
He joined the fleet of SHERPs for Pipehunter, which serves the tailings of the world’s largest copper company, CODELCO CHILE
Tailings dumps are one of the most difficult landscapes, as they resemble Newtonian fluid in consistency. Still, SHERP skillfully shows itself even in such conditions.


New batch of Special SHERPs arrive to rescuers in Western Ukraine

SHERP develops special solutions for Search and Rescue operations.
Another batch of all-terrain vehicles for rescuing people was handed over to SnR organizations in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Zakarpattia Oblast (Ukraine).
The SHERP outfit includes everything that can help to save lives as quickly as possible: radio for communication, GPS, stretchers, a special configuration of folding seats along the side, fire extinguishers, winch, towbar, vests, ZIP set, additional compartments, tool holders, radio station, searchlight.
SHERP increases the possibility of saving people tenfold! In the most difficult weather and natural conditions.

SHERP replenishes the United Nations fleet

The new obstacle of coronavirus forced humanity to emphasize on help.
Help with grocery sets. Means of protection. Medical means.
We need them now. But some people need them every time.

The new SHERPs left for Africa, replenishing the United Nations park.
So new grocery sets to be delivered. New people will be cured. New human lives to be saved.

Video source: https://twitter.com/WFP/status/1115924450879451136?s=20