In Kyiv, DTEK The Regional Power Grid Service tested SHERP for the repair of power lines in the region. They study the best world experience.

Most of the high-voltage lines are located in hard-to-reach areas — river crossings and wetlands. Earlier, in order to check the serviceability, power engineers had to use boats in operation or conduct surveys only in winter.

As a result of a test inspection, the power engineers received data on the technical condition of 2 km of lines located in the hard-to-reach swampy area of the Borispol region.

Thanks to these data, specialists will be able to timely repair emergency areas.

SHERP will allow you to operate in the most difficult conditions, easily passes where other special vehicles cannot move.

And most importantly, quickly, because it is critically important to get to the lines promptly at the time of accidents.

DTEK The Regional Power Grid of Kyiv serve 46 thousand km of power grids in the Kyiv region, they provide more than 1 million customers with light.