You’re a car guy. What’s it like being in a Sherp?
Oh god, I love the Sherps. I drive him at the ranch all the time.

What’s it like bringing them from Wyoming and having them in the streets of Chicago? How epic was that?
It was epic. Because we’re on the ranch, it’s just freedom, you just roll wherever—you can’t really wreck anything with them because they’ve got the big balloon tires, they float on water. They’re slow, but having them here was really cool because you’re in the city environment, like urban assault. We had the police with us so it’s like we had free reign to go anywhere in them and it was just cool. We just didn’t know if we were going to get down certain side streets and things because they’re so wide, [they might] take off somebody’s mirrors or something like, “Oops, sorry.” But yeah, they’re so much fun. And it was cool being able to deliver something back to Chicago and Kanye’s hometown, and just do something special. It was all last minute planning and we just show up and go, people are like, “Where are you going to be next?” I’m like, “I don’t know. I just go along for the ride.” I was asked if I wanted to go, and I’m like, “Absolutely, that’d be cool.” So the Sherps are fun. And then, I like the Ripsaw tank. I think that’s my favorite, because it’ll go 80 miles an hour and it’s borderline frightening because you can die at it, which I like. I like that thrill. But yeah, Kanye has got the best toys for us. That keeps you inspired.