Universal loading platform
Designed for transportation of bulky cargo to places that other vehicles are not able to reach. The Ark is equipped with the tools you need and equipment for securing cargos, without losing its cross-country ability.

Personal transportation unit
It can be used by Search&Rescue teams for operations in remote, inaccessible areas. The Personal transportation unit makes safer and easier deploying teams, crews and passengers under the most extreme conditions.
The Personal transportation unit can comfortably and safely seat up to 21 passengers and the driver.

Dwelling module
Long expedition projects in hard-to-reach areas, like geological explorations or environmental research projects, will be possible with the Ark Dwelling module.
This module can be equipped with sanitary equipment and kitchen. Properly isolated with energy-saving materials, it will allow an enjoyable stay in the most adverse environments.

Medical module
The Ark Medical module can be used in rescue operations for victims of natural disasters such as floods, wildfires or earthquakes. It will facilitate medical care in remote areas immediately after arrival without the need for raising tents.

Tank unit

It doesn’t matter how inaccessible a location where fuel, water or any liquid is needed: The Ark Tank unit will transport ip to 3,400 kg (7,500 lb.).