Rescuers from Carpathians save life by the help of SHERP

Ukraine, Carpathians. A special edition of SHERP for rescuers helped save the life of a tourist who got lost in the mountains.

The search and rescue operation lasted for two days. In the conditions of a particularly dangerous avalanche situation and the difficult landscape using other transports would require much more time to find and transport a person.

Time may be worth a lifetime.

SHERP delivers special vehicle to rescuers of Izmail, Ukraine

Rescuers of Izmail (Ukraine) received the only special vehicle in the region.
SHERP will be used to rescue people from snowdrifts, loose soil, and water obstacles, as well as in emergency response.

A solution for situations where response time can save lives. Where the prompt elimination of accidents is the health of people.

Ukrainian rescuers and a SHERP saved a man in mountains

Today rescuers in Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ukraine) saved a local resident on SHERP, who went to the mountains for mushrooms and did not return in the evening. Found. In time. Drove back.

Was this salvation possible without a SHERP? Not sure. No other transport can operate in mountains regardless of the weather.

Such happy ends are always a miracle. With the help of SHERP, there are more such miracles not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

SHERP serves firefighters at Biebrza National Park in Poland

SHERP serves firefighters at Biebrza National Park in Poland

Fires at the wetlands of Biebrzanski Park Narodowy are extinguished. Thanks to all the fighters, who saved the ecosystem of Eastern Europe! And respect to a team of SHERP Central Europe for their contribution!

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb7cs_1Uzfo